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Our effectiveness as a voice for veterans depends on our members, those veterans and supporters who share common values and jointly engage to achieve meaningful political and social goals. As veterans our voice is already amplified; people immediately take us seriously and listen to what we have to say.

Elected officials at all levels seek our support and work to implement policies that benefit veterans. Important officials who have spoken at our meetings and maintain ties with us include:

  • General Wesley Clark, former Supreme Allied Commander - Europe

  • Mike Levin, Congressional Representative in CA-49

  • Todd Gloria, Mayor of San Diego

  • Nathan Fletcher, Chair of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors and former Marine

  • Paul MacNamara, Mayor of Escondido and former Marine

  • Marni von Wilpert, San Diego City Council Member, District 5

By joining with us, you can become a part of a very special movement:

  • Engage with veterans and supporters who share your social and political views

  • Have direct access to elected officials

  • Help develop and implement programs for veterans

  • Gain important insights into the details of government

  • Strengthen the voice of veterans within the party and the party's voice to the public


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