Who We Are

We are the Veterans Democratic Club of San Diego County, a chartered club of the San Diego Democratic Party. We are current and former members of every branch of the military, the Coast Guard, and the reserve components of each. Our members have deployed to Vietnam, Panama, Iraq, Afghanistan, and most other points of conflict throughout the world; we represent the enlisted and officer ranks and have served for anywhere from three to thirty years. We are jarheads, grunts, zoomies, squids, sand sailors, and other Democrats who support American veterans. We are the voice of veterans to the Democratic Party, and the veteran voice of the Democratic Party to the public.


We are committed to electing Democrats and fostering Democratic principles in governance. We believe in people over profits and community over corporations; we not only acknowledge the impact of humanity on the climate, but also the pressing need to mitigate the damage being caused. We seek equity and equality of opportunity for everyone regardless of race, nationality, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, or religious faith. We believe in free education, universal health care, and a strong social safety net.

We are loud, proud Democrats. If you are a veteran or supporter who shares our views, please join us.

Use of Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security insignia does not imply any official endorsement by those entities.



Veterans Democratic Club of San Diego County

3934 Murphy Canyon Rd., Suite B103

San Diego, CA 92123